The Problem We're Trying To Solve

There is no supply of natural, clean pork in Nepal. Pigs are raised in filthy concrete pens (due to lack of water) and fed with kitchen waste (zero cost), which makes them dirty, unhealthy and prone to illness & disease. Slaughter houses tend to be unhygienic with no segregation of live & dead animals. Butchers do not differentiate cuts of meat or package them separately for sale & distribution. Local meat shops mix various parts together (including fresh and unsold meat) and sell at a generic price per kg. Many people also do not favour the rearing of pigs because of the stench and stigma, which leads to the supply of pork being consistently lower than market demand.

As a community of avid pork-lovers, we want to do something about this and change the situation. We started to look into the possibility of bringing in better ways of pig farming — something that is cleaner with better animal welfare standard. We found the right partner in the Philippines with their No-Wash Pig Pen and Fermented-Feed Only diet with no growth hormones or food waste.

The rest as they say, is history.

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